Sunday, January 1, 2017

Happy New Year! New Project announcement: Gramsby Village

Hey everyone! So pretty soon I'm going to be releasing the demo for the upcoming game to patrons, then I'll be posting on here for free a couple weeks later, so expect the free version in late January. But first I wanted to update you guys on what it's about what features to expect, and what features may not be in the demo due to complications, but I do hope to have them in the game.

So right now here are the ones that are for sure going to be in the game:
Dating/Relationship meter and all that stuff.
Male and Female main character - You choose at the start.)
Intractable world - I didn't like how in sk you couldn't really tell what you could and couldn't click on, which is something I've changed in this one. And might even update SK with.
Gallery - Still buggy but I think I can get it working.

Things I'm having trouble with:
Time system - Right now the time system has been one of the main problems a long with getting the NPC's changing where they go at certain times, I really want to see it in the game but if I can't figure something out I may just wait for a later update to add it in.
Customization - I wanted to add the option to change your character, adding options to change his or her hairstyle, clothes, and whatever else. It's something that I really wanted but it turned out to be just a waste of time.

Actually I guess the main problem is the time system, I may start asking for some help from people who have used it.

Alright so what is Gramsby Village? It's a harvest moon/animal crossing type of game that's being made in RPG Maker MV, I've been working on it for the past few months and it's been one of the biggest endeavors I have taken on, but I will say it's been really fun to work on this and I know you guys will enjoy this game. Right now you can choose between either a male or female preset character, without giving away anything from the intro or the game, you end up in a town filled with different monsters, supernatural creatures, and some other weird shit. There is going to be male, female, and futa characters that you can date as either a male or female. As well as a short story, nothing too long as I want this to be a game like harvest moon to where you can keep playing and not get bored.

I'll also be updating the Guide to sk soon, also I realize there are a couple of bugs, I'll also be doing a hotpatch to that soon as well. I really want to sit down for a day and review everything so I'll probably do that either tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

Preview and more details coming soon, thank you and Happy new year everyone!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Sexual Kingdom V1.21 Public Release

Sexual Kingdom V1.21 is can now be downloaded here, also I have some good news!

Soon I'll be posting the preview, it would have been much sooner but I went a bit overboard with trying to make it flashy and instead of making it more flashy I just basically wasted time, I have learned though not to waste time on trying to make character animations, custom sprites, and custom plugins for RPG Maker MV, and when I say custom I mean from scratch well ya'know without the basic helper.

I just need to wrap up some of the technical things, like for instance being able to change into different clothes properly, the achievement/gallery system where you can unlock pics, and some of the problems I'm having with farming. Other than that everything seems to be going good, also I've settled on a title, Gramsby Village you'll be able to play as both a female and a male. There will be an assortment of different characters that have different attributes like futa characters, monster characters, traps, furries, and some typed of elves and fairies. Unlike Sexual Kingdom it's not going to follow a linear path really. Well it will have some story but you will actually be able to build relationships with the characters and interact and hopefully be able to be creative as well.

Oh yeah I've also been doing some work on a different game which is something I usually work on for fun which will get a preview some time after (Probably not too soon).

Anyways more updates to come, I'm really excited about the latest project it has been fun to work on, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. :D

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sexual Kingdom V1.21 *Major bugs fixed*

Sexual Kingdom V1.21 is now out on Patreon. In this update I was focusing mainly on fixing any and all bugs that SK contains, I do believe I have gotten all of them. There should be no more problems when it comes to bugs.

Oh yeah here is the change list and bug fixes.
Bugs Fixed:

Fixed bug where cave doesn't open in Valget

Vampire sex scene fixed

Fixed BGM still playing after leaving bar

Bug Fixed where Goddard can't use ThunderStaff

Spelling errors fixed

Scooby snack now heals the right amount

Sex Scene with Orc fixed

Monster Hideout, the great chicken quests no longer appears as a usable item

Kathos will now actually wait outside the temple instead of the event reseting

BGM volume fixed when you meet Efoth

Efoths idle animation is now working

Ale's coat is no longer a shield

2 bugs fixed in letter to an old friend, one where you can't turn it in after you defeat Kain and
a bug where after you press no then yes it bugs out and you finish the quest with Kain and ale
is still alive.

Other Changes:

Monsters stats balanced, some are easier and some are harder.

You now get a powerful item when you decide to kill Goddard, Skeleton King, and the chicken god

Maps have been updated, along with the player house, some new interactions along with general fluff
I didn't Realize there where bugs in the sex scenes as well. It's been awhile since I play tested by I didn't think it had been that long. I'm sorry if you had to run into any of these, some can be aggravating, if anyone does run into glitches like this again(Which I'll be checking for more often in the future) Contact me at, If you do run into a bug, I'll rush to fix it and release a new version.

This update did take a little longer than expected because of a quest I was trying to add in as well as needing to stop every time I'm in a town and add more detail. You can expect quite a few map changes when it comes to places like Craydon, Narlington Fort, And the player house exterior has been drastically changed it looks a lot less shitty.

There's also a building which is new in the Craydon Graveyard, it's to a quest I was working on but didn't have time to finish. It might simply be removed in the next patch as the quest I was working on was something I'm not sure everyone would like.
I think one of the reasons I started making this quest, was that I just got finished watching shrek. I got pretty far into it and decided to scrap it. After all fighting a shrek head while, what are you doing in my swamp remix played may not be a reference everyone gets.

As I've said before I'm going to mainly be focusing on this new project and working out some kinks that have come along. And I'm going to postpone a preview for a couple of days.

Also I do have a to do list for SK, it's no a project I'm going to be forgetting about, that's for sure. Here are some of the things I'm going to be working on adding in.

To do list:
-Barn of some sort so you can keep the monsters you capture(So it can be easier to access the sex scenes with monsters.)
-Town after you get your house I want you to be able to manage and customize your own mini town.
-Arena and other areas which you can build which will be outside in your world map just outside of your camp/house.

I'm still working out some other ideas but it was more fun than I thought it would be to play through SK again, I\m really happy I was able to create a game with everyone's support. Thank you for supporting me and thank you all for your loyalty and kindness.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Public Release of SK V1.20

Hey everyone you can now download the latest version of SK in the downloads section, I wanted to take some time to show some previews on what I've been working on but I didn't have enough time today. So either tomorrow or the next I should be posting an update about that. I hope you enjoy the latest version.

I imagine some of you are probably been wondering, where are the updates? and rightfully so. I have been getting a lot of work done, and I'll be posting more updates soon. I'm sorry I have been so slow with everything.

On a final note, I just wanted to make this quick update to let you know you can now download SK without any trouble. And now that I'm not moving anymore I can concentrate more on publishing the content I've finished.

I hope you all have a great night, again I'm sorry for being like a ghost lately. It is very unprofessional of me and I will try to make up for it the best I can.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

SK V1.20(Fixed) and Guide has been updated

Hey everyone so I was updating the guide and playing through some quests when I saw there was a bug that stopped you from entering to fight the super mage for the last time, and that is the reason why I am releasing a new fixed version. There are also some minor changes that were made.


- 4 New Pieces of armor added
- Balancing


- Saving a rebel quest bug fix, where you can only have sarah join if Goddard is in the party
- Mageworth Castle, door not opening bug fixed(Major bug sorry about that)
- Drewyn Kingdom BGM Audio fix

I'll continue to add to the guide, not all the optional quests are there yet. So for only one is posted still working on posting the others.