Friday, November 16, 2018

Sexual Kingdom V1.21.6 Patreon Release

Full Changelog

New areas added
-Bolton Lake added

Items added
-Jar full of aids added
-Flame whip added
-Jester Hat added
-Fortuna's Back Scratcher added
-Chicken God Sword added, for deciding to kill the chicken god

Skills added
-Ancient Bubbles added
-Ancient Cure added
-Warriors Might added
-Adventurers Spirit added

Other Changes
-New NPCS added, some new nude ones for enviroment some as interactable
-Various minor changes to enviroments throughout sk
-More balancing
-brief Immortal status will now show the correct notifications and has been reworked
-Roll the dice skill has been reworked
-Class stats have been reblanced
-New victory music
-Various Icon changes ranging from skills to items

-Fixed certain enemies not being immune to captured
-Aglia teleport dialogue fixed
-notifications of skills will now be displayed correctly
-Roll the dice skill, knight's valor now have animations and sounds when used
-You can now see when you are affected with HP regen
-Confusion now hits anyone instead of only allies

Sorry for the wait! Some of the fixes and other things I've added aren't listed. I ended up losing the first edition of the change log, so there are some new things in the game I wasn't able to list.

I'll be updating the Patreon and the blogspot soon.

Friday, May 4, 2018

Sexual Kingdom V1.21.5

This latest version will add various sprite sex scenes, map changes, and various other tweaks and changes.

One of the complaints of SK was that there wasn't enough sex scenes or just that it didn't have a sexual enough environment, this latest update will fix some of those issues. As well as make other changes.

                                                               --Changelist-- V1.21.5

Full Changelog

-More interactable NPCs
-Super Guard/Ultimate Guard added
-Drewyn Kingdom Map has been updated, along with new NPC's and changes to old ones.
-Lots of New Pixel nudity and sex scenes
-Other small map changes to various maps

Also the public version of SK has been updated. You can now download V1.21.4 for free instead of V1.21.1, have fun!

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sexual Kingdom V1.21.4 Patreon release

Full Changelog

Glitches & Dialouge fixes
-You now get get teleported in front of the tent instead of to the left of it

Skills added
-Knights Valor
-Roll the dice

Items added
-Yo-Yo added
-Holy Ooze added
-Ring of XP added
-Dragon Shield added
-Holy Spear added

Other Changes
-You now choose your class at the start
-Class Knight added
-Class Sorcerer added
-Class Luckster added
-Items reblanced, more descriptions changed, also prices have changed with different effects.
-Spooky ghost has been nerfed
-Icon for steriods has changed, it now also gives you roid rage which increases attack and defense slightly and gives HP regen. But also has a small chance to kill you, confuse you, or poison you.
-Some of Goddards abilities have been changed to the sorcerer class making Goddard slightly weaker

On this update I wanted to add in classes, it felt a bit too bland just simply being an adventurer, you can now choose from four classes when you start your game.

Adventurer - Is resistant to Poison and blind, can dual wield both daggers and katanas. A very balanced stat class that only has one class ability currently

Knight - Uses swords and spears, has high HP, MDF, and DEF, while having low MP, Luck, Agility, and attack. Currently only has one class ability

Sorcerer - Uses staffs and magical armor, has high MP, MAT, and MDF, while having low HP, DEF, and Agility, currently has 6 class abilities.

Luckster - Uses an assortment of unique weapons, has all around medium stats with luck being very high. With this class all item drop from mobs will be doubled, has good Evade and crit chances along with chances to reflect attacks from both magic and physical attacks, also has a chance to dodge them. The more you level and increase your luck the chances of these things happening increase. Overall an RNG class I just added for fun, I was going to add gunslinger but figured it was a bit too bland.

Anyways I hope you all enjoy this update!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Sexual Kingdom V 1.21.3 Patreon release

Full Changelog

Items added
-Dragon Semen added
-Noise in a jar added

Other Changes
-Player Town small has been added
-You now have the ability to catch monsters after you have sex wtih them
-Monster Re-balancing
-Silence now stops you from using "special abilities"
-Most states now only get removed after the battle ends
-Certain enemies now have a chance to debuff you
-new chests added
-BGM for basic battles has changed
-Airship BGM has changed
-Sexual Kingdoms game size has been reduced by removing BGM's that were not in use

Edited Interiors and exteriors
-Rob's place in Valget has been edited

One of the main features of this update is being able to capture monsters, so that way if you want to view it again it makes it much easier, the player town also allows you to buy all of the items you need or want to buy without having to travel to towns. It also changes some of the dialogue with the characters when you have them leave your party.

I wanted to have an intractable NPC village but it took a bit too long to simply come out with this. To be honest I'm really surprised it took me this long, I didn't even realize this much time had passed. I'm going to try to add more features soon, I'll also be adding a new public release as well probably within the next couple of days.

A lot of the battle mechanics have changed as well, I've noticed since I made it to where it's easier to get XP some mobs are a little too easy to defeat. So some mobs have been buffed and some mobs will also debuff you, dragon semen cures this.

Anyways I'll see you next update, lots of good things ahead! :)

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Sexual Kingdom V1.21.2 Patreon Release

Full Changelog

Glitches & Dialouge fixes
-Team members now comment when the guy eats the soup given by his sister in Craydon
-Poison now works on enemies
-Guard now does something

Items added
-Goddards Cloak, A reward for killing Goddard allowing you to use magic without Goddard
-Bone Helmet, A reward for killing the Skeleton king allowing you to use his abilities
-Deadly Fork(New starting weapon)
-Rusty shank added. You can get this from defeating the crack dealer after getting Eddy

Other Changes
-When you decide to kill Goddards Imp you now recieve an Elixer, a Hi-Potion, and a book of power.
-New chests have been added to make certain boss fights and areas easier to progress
-Guard skill now changes the damage you recive to around half, you also get an extra 5% chance to evade
-You can now kill Eddy The Crackhead if you decide to re visit the crackdealer in hobo den. Or you can defeat him for a some gold and a rusty shank.
-It now takes less xp to level

Edited Interiors and exteriors
-New Hebron Downtown has been redisgned

So I've fully replayed Sexual Kingdom in full. Did all the quests and everything. I'm surprised I didn't find that many bugs at all. One of the major ones though that has been there since the beginning is guard not working. I had to idea this didn't do anything, along with poison not working on enemies. Another thing I noticed is that Valget is very barren and I really rushed through that area without thinking a lot of things through. That area needs to be refined a lot more and in the next update I do plan on editing a lot of things that happen there. But my main focus next update is going to be a player town, one of the great features of a player town is having your own shopping centers without worrying about traveling to different towns. Though there may be certain items that are unique in certain town areas, I also want to have some sort of barn where you can hold monsters, that way if you get a sex scene from a monster you can simply put them in that barn so you can access the sex scenes.

Also I just wanted to say sorry that this updated didn't change a whole lot. it does fix a few core features, and one thing I'm not so sure about yet which is it now being easier to level. I may need to do some more testing, don't be too surprised if some of the monsters in the next update get a buff.

I really hope I can get updates cranking out as fast as possible with more content, I really want to make up for the time I've been gone and finish SK like I was always planning on doing and introduce Gramsby village. If the updates take too long to come out with I'll probably release an alpha demo to patrons to check out. But it only really shows some core features and doesn't have a whole lot to do. It does play a lot like harvest moon.

Anyways that's it for this update. See you soon! :)